Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Words and Sounds!

Micah is trying hard to talk and say words. There are already many things that we can recognize or understand what he is trying to say. He has always called the milk in his cup "juice" for some reason, although he rarely gets juice. But this morning, when I asked him if he could say milk, he nodded his head yes and then said "k" or the sound that the k makes at the end of the word milk. That was definitely something new for him. He has a word that is similar to blanket, says "this" quite often, and the list goes on. He was saying "thank you", but has dropped that for the moment. When he's upset, he calls for "mama", and when he's happy and looking for Neil, he practically yells "dada". "Book" and "look" have been in his vocab for a long time now.

As for trying to make the sounds of things, some new ones are the sound of an airplane, a cat's meow, a horse, and an elephant. He's already proficient at a dog's bark and a duck's quack! :) The elephant sound is funny because he tries to raise his arm like the trunk of an elephant. So cute!

This is such a fun, yet sometimes frustrating phase to be in. I enjoy the newness of his words and phrases, but as all of you know who have children, it's sometimes hard to try to communicate. This morning, we spent several minutes trying to figure out which book he wanted to read. After my pulling out several and asking him if he wanted to read them, we finally found the right one. It's amazing that he has preferences already!


Jeff said...

Oooh. I hope we can hear the elephant noise when we visit!

Also, this is sarah, not jeff.

Momma said...

it is so fun to watch them learn! Sweet Pea doesn't say anything, but he does make animal noises! it's fun to watch!