Sunday, July 12, 2009

Geckos and other things...

We were out working in the yard tonight and Neil caught a little gecko. He gave it to Joshua to put in his outdoor critter cage. Micah was on Joshua's tail the whole time, wanting to see the gecko and trying to figure out how to say 'gecko'. As Joshua was playing with the gecko, it got away. Micah spent the next half hour asking all of us where the gecko was. His vocabulary has been expanding rapidly during the past couple of weeks. Now he has a fun new word to add!

We were tucking the boys in to bed tonight. Neil was leaving the room and had said good night to the boys. Micah, who was all tucked up into his blankets, replied back, "Night, Da". What a sweet moment. And yes, Micah calls Neil 'Da'(with a long a) instead of Dad. :)

Ziva is growing and seems to be all legs right now. Many thanks to Aunt Emily for the yogurt cup suggestion. An almost empty yogurt cup keeps Ziva occupied for a LONG time.


Anonymous said...

I have the world's cutest grandsons!
Can't wait to see everyone.

Ron Cutsinger said...

One of our favorite restaurants is a place called Gecko's. We'll have to take you there when you come out for Christmas!