Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First attempt at Christmas pics

I made my first attempt at capturing a few Christmas photos of the boys. I'm always hoping for the elusive shot in which they are both looking at the camera...and smiling. :) This attempt produced several fun shots, but not what I'm looking for. Regardless, the boys had a good time, especially when they got to run up and down the sidewalk in their jammies.
p.s. A friend and I made these jammies for our boys. Micah's pants flare just a bit much for me, but I haven't made the time to straighten them out. :) Oh well, he doesn't know the difference.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the jammies! You did a great job! Of course, they wouldn't be nearly as adorable without the boys IN them! Fun times...

Anonymous said...

Both books you recommended are here and very cute. I think Micah will like them!
Grammy (again)