Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Wow, yesterday was a big day. While I was gone working at a consignment sale, Joshua LOST his FIRST tooth! I don't know how well you can see it, since his new tooth is already coming in, but he lost the lower middle (left to you) tooth. He is super excited. However, since I was gone, Neil didn't know where the special "Tooth Exchange" pouch was. So, tonight Joshua should get that special visit to exchange his tooth! He's very excited! Thanks to Grammy for thinking ahead so many years ago to send us the very important tooth bag! :)


Anonymous said...

And Grammy doesn't remember such a pouch... (which is nothin' new!)
Wow! That's quite a big gap there, even with the new one pushing through. How much does a
1st tooth go for these days?
And is it just me,or do I have the cutest grandsons in the whole wide world? :)

Alexandra said...

what an exciting moment!!!

been missing you guys...it's been to long since we have seen yall :)

Learning 4 Life said...

Yeah for Joshua! That's so fun! Just wait...soon he'll be toothless and he'll be waiting for all those teeth to grow in :-)