Monday, January 10, 2011

Let It Snow

The boys have had a BLAST tromping through the snow. It started snowing yesterday, late morning, and it kept snowing all day long. They wanted to go out when it first started snowing so that they could catch snowflakes on their tongues. Then we had snow cones. Later we went out and had snow ball fights. Joshua and I had THE best snowball fight ever (according to him). :) I had a good time, too. This morning, we went back out to enjoy the snow before it started melting. They had a great time scouting for icicles. I enjoy the snow, but I don't enjoy not being equipped to be out in it. It happens so infrequently, and the boys grow so quickly, that I don't have snow suits or good mittens for them. We just layer and come in when it gets too cold!


Sarah said...

I'm glad the boys had fun playing in the snow! I hope your pipes have all thawed!

Anonymous said...

Those cute boys! And their beautiful Mama!
The snowy picture of the house from the street is so pretty.
And the icicles are HUGE!
Thanx for sharing.
Love you,