Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Must Love Dogs

Before Neil and I got married, which by the way has been nearly 10 years ago, he made it clear that if I didn't like dogs, then we shouldn't get married. Well, I like dogs (usually), obviously we got married, and we've had our fair share of dogs. Of all the dogs we have had, Ziva is by far the craziest. Don't get me wrong. She is a good dog. But her intensity level is off the charts. She is always looking for something to retrieve and/or play with. Her favorite item of choice is a sock. If she can't find a sock, then a glove will do nicely, which is what she has in her mouth in the above picture. :) Since we have had an extended winter, gloves have been plentiful around our house. On the upside, I never have to worry about losing a sock or glove, as Ziva will make sure to find them and bring them to me!


Anonymous said...

Cima & Ellie- "O-oh, it's Ziva! Tell her we said Hi!" g-r-ruff! )()()()()(

Anonymous said...

The 2nd picture is comical with the big head/nose on a tiny body.
You are such a good photographer!