Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies

Against my better judgement, I let the boys eat half of their chocolate bunny last night. They've been begging to eat them all week. I have been hesitant because I don't really want them to eat that much chocolate in one sitting. I have to wonder why I even buy it in the first place??!! The results weren't as bad as I had anticipated, and they didn't go crazy on me. Maybe I'll let them finish it tonight so that they will stop asking about it. :)
I had a hard time with Easter this year, not the true celebration of Jesus' resurrection, but the traditions that surround the holiday. I love being with family, and celebrating in that way. But the easter bunny, easter eggs, and candy just don't make sense, though I know that the boys enjoy it. In retrospect, I don't feel like we went overboard with the extra stuff (except for maybe the chocolate bunnies!). And I tried much more than in the past to talk to the boys about what we are truly celebrating. We read from our Children's Story Bible from the time Jesus was in the grave until after the resurrection and had good conversation about it. I guess as I get older, and my boys get older, I realize how little time I have to be intentional in training and teaching them!

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