Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day of School

No, our first day of school was not today!  We've been in session for 3 weeks and we're going on 4!  I did much better with the boys "1st day of school" pics last year.  They had gotten a bag full of goodies, had their backpacks on, and they may have even had their shoes on. :)  This year was much more casual, socks or no socks.  And M-man's blanket even managed to get into the picture.  I'll post more about school later.  Until then, enjoy our ever casual back-to-school pics!  By the way, I must confess that one benefit of home schooling is that I (and the boys) don't get carried away with thinking that they have to have a completely new wardrobe for school every fall.  We get what we need, use what we have, and enjoy a few special new Star Wars shirts (see previous birthday posts). :)

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Anonymous said...

Where are Two Boy Shoe and One Socks