Friday, March 30, 2012


Just to remind myself what I DO like about the house that we are renting...

...I have a light over my kitchen sink!  Awesome!  I went two years without's nice not doing  the dishes in the dark.
...I live in a very peaceful's very quiet and I can hear the frogs at night.
...I can see the stars at night...when it's not cloudy or rainy. :)
...I have a huge yard, with fruit trees and so much more.
...I have a fireplace with a mantle.
...I live on a hill and can 'hike' to the top of my backyard and have a beautiful view.
...I can have chickens if I want to.
...I can "feed" the bees in our hive while my husband is gone.  Very cool!

And though these don't really count as what I like, they count because when my boys are happy, I'm happy... boys LOVE the blue carpet... boys think it's awesome that they have one wall in their room that is green... boys LOVE their backyard, with it's secret hideouts, hammock, koi pond, and more...


Anna said...

I used to hear a frog at night, but then Caden squished the gutter and I don't hear it anymore. :/

Kendra, I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished and dealt with in such a short time. God's hand is on you and your family, my dear friend. Continuing to pray for you!


Anonymous said...

They must REALLY love it at our house!
(all the green walls...)

KC said...

Anna, thank you for your prayers! :) And Alison, your green walls are tasteful and in much better condition that ours...:)

Martha said...

So glad to see you are posting again. Been thinking about you so much and hoping the transition is going well. Your new place sounds really neat (even with all the green & blue)! Praying for you.