Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drinking Our Vegetables

If you were to score my boys on the green vegetables that they eat, they would be nearly in the negative.  They do both eat carrots, though I don't really count that as much. Corn doesn't really count, either.  Big J occasionally eats broccoli, which is awesome!  And today they both tried some fresh sweet peas that I got at the farmer's market yesterday.  Other than that, we are really struggling in this area!   And it's not from lack of introducing them to so many tasty veggies out there.  I eat a ton of veggies.  We grow veggies in our garden.  (More on that later). We try "new" veggies somewhat often.  What is a mom to do???

Enter "The Smoothie".  Our boys love these.  And let me tell you what we put in them.  All of our green smoothies start with spinach and water.  Add frozen berries of any sort.  Sometimes fresh fruit.  Sometimes fresh broccoli and carrots.  And perhaps other random ingredients, depending on what we have on hand.  What we get is something that we all love, including the boys!  And it makes me smile every time they drink one, which is almost every day, because I know that they are getting at least some of the green veggies that they need!!

The boys got silly once they figured out I was taking pictures of them because of the smoothie "mustache" that they almost always end up with.  Here they are trying to make bigger, messier mustaches. :)  These two crack me up!


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Anonymous said...

Look at those adorable boys! Even with messy little faces, they are the cutest boys in CA.
And you are sneaky parents, which is the way parents are SUPPOSED to be. (it will come in handy during those teen years, so hone those skills!)
I love you,