Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not Your Normal Pumpkin Patch

Last week we went to visit a local pumpkin patch with some friends.  This was not your normal pumpkin patch.  It was crazy big and felt more like being at the fair than at a u-pick pumpkin farm. I thought everything was bigger in Texas...not so with this.  It dwarfed the one we used to go to in north texas.  Ha. Still, it was fun, and the boys had a blast!  The ironic thing is that we did not end up actually going out into the fields to pick our own pumpkin.  It was a very warm day, and in order to get to the pumpkin fields, you had to ride a slow hayride out and back.  The boys did pick their own before we left, but from big bins by the entrance.  Another funny thing..I didn't even think to get a picture with them and their 'pick'.  Oh well, we'll get it when we actually carve them. :) 
There was a pumpkin patch close by that we could walk to, but it was filled with the GIANT pumpkins.  Even if I had wanted to take one home, I don't think they would have fit in my car!

The boys hopped on display tractors and had a good time pretending to drive them.

There was a giant hill with these two slides.  The were fun, but kind-of slow slides.  Have you ever seen anything like this at a pumpkin patch??

M-man attempted to lift this pumpkin...good luck, bud...

One of the activities, and the only one that I actually paid for (kind-of...someone gave me one ticket to it :) was to pan for 'gold', aka marbles.  They really enjoyed that and could have panned all afternoon.   But it was a warm day and there was a quota on 'gold'.

We had to end the afternoon with snowcones, of course!

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Jeff said...

Looks like a bunch of fun! Thanks for posting.