Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Choose One

As a family, we have been slow to enter the world of sports and extra curricular activities.  We value family time, meals and activities together.  It is essential for us to have time to rest, relax, play and be creative.  Oftentimes, being involved in extra curricular activities does not support a life with downtime and time together as a family. We also value new experiences, though, which bring challenge and growth on multiple levels.

 That said, last year was the first time we took on more than an Upward sport or a week long camp.  The boys spent just over a year in mixed martial arts and really benefited from their time there. Not to mention, they enjoyed it, were challenged to try new things, and made new friends. But the time came when they wanted to try their hand at new things.  Since we value and support their desires to have new experiences, we agreed wholeheartedly.  They finished their commitments with martial arts and have now moved on to new activities.  (On a side note, we had 3 or 4 weeks of overlap between their time starting new activities and finishing their commitments to martial arts.  Wow.  That was a long few weeks.  It really drove home the value we have of choosing one activity to do and do well!)

I have been amazed at the progress both boys have made in their new chosen activities. They have grown by leaps and bounds in the skills needed to do what they need to do! But they have also grown personally and their work ethic has been strengthened.    For that, I am proud of them!  

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