Thursday, December 3, 2015

My November Stitch Fix

Yes, I know that it is now December.  But I still wanted to post this!  It's no secret that I like Stitch Fix! When I mentioned it in my Favorite Things series, I was challenged by my friend Shanti, from Life Made Full, to blog about my next Stitch Fix experience.  Well, I'm not quite ready to model each piece and then ask for everybody's opinion.  Maybe next time. :)  But I will be happy to talk about my experience!

When you sign up to get a "Fix", you fill out a profile and answer lots of questions about sizing, style preference, etc. You also have the option to give feedback to your stylist about what kinds of pieces you might like.  I haven't yet started a Stitch Fix Pinterest page, but it's another way to help your stylist pick items that you might like!

 I specifically asked for a pair of Just Black skinny jeans.  I've received 3 other pairs of this brand of jean through Stitch Fix and they are my favorite, hands down! I try really hard not to request them every time, but this time it's just what I really wanted.  And my stylist nailed it with a pair of dark blue ankle length skinny jeans that are perfect with my ankle boots. I had asked for a professional shirt or two that could be worn with jeans, that I could either dress up or dress down, and also for some fall items.

Here are 4 of the 5 pieces I received this time...2 shirts that can dress up or dress down and would be great for business events, a beautiful sweater with cozy pockets for my hands, and a poncho sweater. They are all great pieces that I have already worn and absolutely love!  

Your stylist will send a card that has each item, ideas with what to pair it with, and styling suggestions!  I keep these cards, as they are great to go back and get new ideas for how to style my pieces!  I hope that you will check this service out!  You might just love it. :)  Here is a link to get started today. Try Stitch Fix!   (*Note: If you try Stitch Fix, I do receive $25 in referral credit.)

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