Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Day in the Life

     No two days are quite the same for us.  Part of that has to do with the fact that we educate at home. But sometimes, that's just how life goes. I thought it would be fun to pick a day to document throughout and just see what happens.  *As a side note, I'm always taking pictures.  Before smart phones, I almost always had my 'nice' camera around my neck.  These days, I don't feel like I take as many 'good' quality images as I used to.  But I do capture things that I never used to, and there is a fun sense of whimsy that comes with using my phone to take pictures. :)

     My day usually starts early, with prayer and study time.  And then it's time to let Rox dog, our Labrador, out.  She usually stays close to me while it's still dark, but once it gets light out, she makes sure to remind me to take care of her. :)

     Last Thursday morning was beautiful!  We have 3 giant oak trees in our front yard, and one in the back yard...this is the one in the back.  I love our yard, and where we are living.  The only thing that I would change if I could would be being able to see the sunrise minus the telephone wires and fence obstructing the view. Ha.

     Every morning, I have the privilege of taking care of these lovely ladies.  We have 5 Rhode Island Red Hens.  They crack me up!  I bring them scraps first thing every morning, and check on their feed and water.  And then in the afternoon we usually let them out to roam the back yard.  They really are sweet, and they are partial to the boys, who like to scoop them up and carry them around. :)

     I've mentioned before that the boys and I are a part of THE MOST AWESOME Homeschool Crossfit class EVER!!!!  Ignore the fuzziness...I'm not that great at long distance selfies. But we love our class, and will miss it when we break for the summer!

     Some days, you just have to multi-task.  This is me, trying to eat lunch while helping one of my sons with Essentials of the English Language for our Classical Conversations class.  Tough stuff!  It has been a learning curve for me as well!  A note about the was a mix of a quinoa salad and a kale salad from the previous evening's dinner.  Plus some grilled chicken thrown in the mix.  Yum! And in an effort to do less dishes, I ate it out of the giant bowl that it had been stored!

     Science has been different but good this year.  We've been using Apologia for Anatomy and Physiology.  I have loved the content, though we haven't done as many of the experiments as I would have liked.  The boys begged to do graham cracker/marshmallow we did!  The four pieces of graham crackers are the 4 sections of the heart, with the blue and red indicating oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.  And the marshmallows represent the major arteries and veins going in and out of the heart.  Think they had fun??  I'm pretty sure they just wanted the graham crackers, icing, and marshmallows!

     BIG NEWS came out last week about Rodan + Fields!!  We  moved from #4 up to the #2 Premium Skincare Company in the U.S....IN ONE YEAR!!!  This is HUGE!!  We are also now the #1 Anti-Aging Skincare Line in the U.S.!  Exciting growth is taking place right now, and as we expand globally, it's only going to get better!  DON'T MISS OUT-- If you have any curiosity about what I do, comment below and we'll figure out a way to connect!  

     I was able to finish this particular day in a very special way!  My dear friend, Jessicca,  was in town for a screening of her new film, Why Not Home, a documentary about home birth here in the United States.  It was extremely well done and very informative and enlightening.  Though I did not have home births with my boys, this is an important topic that needs to be discussed more in our culture.  I highly recommend everyone, especially medical professionals that specialize in childbirth and care, to watch this.  And honestly, every medical student, regardless of area of focus, should view this documentary.  We could all stand to have a little more perspective in life!

As I said, every day is different! None of us truly knows what a day will bring.  But it is my hope that you will make the most of today.  Make it count.  Because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.


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