Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Happy Boys!

What a joy it is to be with my boys! They are generally very happy boys, except when they are over tired, hungry, or teething! :) Here are a couple of pics taken in the morning a few days ago after we had been chasing balloons and playing!

Unrelated to the pics...the boys love to play with race cars (Hotwheels, etc.). Even Micah has really gotten into it and loves all of Joshua's racing cars and games. This is fun sometimes, and then difficult at others when we have to muddle through sharing issues and the infamous "mine, mine, mine" syndrome! This afternoon was a fun time. We had gotten home from church and it was beautiful outside. So, we ate some lunch and played outside, racing our cars around the driveway! I decided that I'm going to have to find a pink Hotwheels car that will be MINE (ha ha) to play with! I think that the boys should each have a few of their own things that is theirs and which they can choose to share or not. Maybe I can use a race car of my own as an illustration to this point. We'll see! Any suggestions out there?

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Momma said...

those pics are so cute!! and I love the pink hot wheels idea! lol