Friday, March 13, 2009


For the few of you who read my blog, I haven't been writing because we are in the middle of packing up to move. We're excited about this transition, what it will mean for Neil, and for our family. But that doesn't make the physical act of moving any less difficult. The last time I did this, which has been nearly two years for those of you keeping count :), I only had one child to contend with and keep occupied. With another boy in the mix, life gets much more interesting. Granted, there have been some times where they have actually been content to play together. It's only a matter of time, however, before "mediation" must occur between the two (to put it nicely)!

The boys are handling it all as well as can be expected. Joshua is definitely getting the idea and talks about moving and has been asking about specific toys - to make sure that they are getting packed. He's also starting to internalize that he's saying goodbye to some of his friends. Micah thinks that all of the boxes are pretty cool, but wonders why they are stacking up in his room. :)

We have been very blessed here by the friendships that we have made and I am extremely thankful for our time here. I have more to say about this time in our life, but it will have to wait.


lovebirdnerds said...

Yeah, we'll let you know if we'll be joining the moving parade or not on Thursday!

Learning 4 Life said...

We are going to miss you so much. I pray that God will bless your new beginning in a new place with a new home and a new job. Bless you and keep in touch :) I'm so glad we became friends while you were here!

Martha said...

Oh, girl, bless your heart. Last time I moved I had no children and cannot imagine it with any kids! Been thinking about you a lot and hope we can chat soon.