Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Boy Bed!

Just before we moved, Micah decided to start attempting to escape from his crib. Several times I found him hovoring on the edge, looking down and pondering what to do next. He could already climb out of his pack-n-play. So, we decided that once we moved, it was time to move the boys into a room together and get Micah a bigger bed. We picked up the mattresses last weekend and have been transitioning ever since. It has been kind-of wild and crazy around here, but things are finally starting to settle down. At first we had to put Micah to bed, which could take two hours, and then get Joshua to bed. But now, we are to the point that they both go to bed at the same time. It still takes awhile, but progress is being made! I haven't put up any decorations yet, but did finally get black out drapes up, which should help during nap time. For the moment, the beds will remain on the floor. The less distant to fall, for either boy, the better in my opinion. We do eventually want to do bunk beds, but all I can envision at this point is Micah climbing up the ladder, which he would do, and then careening off of the top! I know...I tend to think of the worst case scenario...but it has been useful at times!
p.s. - PacMan Frog (he doesn't have a name), Joshua's pet, lives in the aquarium on the dresser. He's getting bigger, but doesn't really do much except at feeding time. Low maintenance is always nice! :)

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