Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our weekend

This past weekend we were able to meet some good friend and their family at a cabin up on the Buffalo River. We didn't canoe, but did get several short hikes in, as well as a visit to the Elk education center, and lots of playtime. It was forecast to rain, but didn't really rain at all during the days we were there. It was overcast, but we weren't complaining! We had a great time! One of the boys favorite things to do was to throw rocks into the river. We spent hours doing this over the course of the weekend!


lovebirdnerds said...

What an awesome picture! I'm not sure I would feel comfortable standing on something that looks like that!

KC said...

THanks! We actually had a friend take it for us, and we took one of their family as well. You have to hike a bit to get to a spot to take the picture. It's actually wider on the top of the crag than it looks like! :) Since becoming a mom, I'm much more paranoid about cliffs and such!