Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Climbing the fence and other adventures

Oh boy. My oldest is now starting to climb fences. He actually did this at our last house, but it was a little chain link fence. Now we have a tall fence. I remember being seven or eight years old and trying to keep up with my brother as he and his friends played tag. I often would have to climb over our tall fence...I can't believe that my firstborn son will be able to do that sooner than I want him to! :) I'm sure that Micah won't be far behind. He's already trying to through things over the fence and has succeeded more than once! The up close pic of Joshua is actually a rare treat. He almost never shows off for the camera! I got several hilarious pics of him and will take all that I can get! By the way, Micah can climb up on that black tub all by himself. He was up there saying "Cheese" and having a grand time!


Anonymous said...

Micah reminds me of "Walk Like an Egyptian" and Joshua reminds me of "Singing In the Rain."

Anonymous said...

Ethan climbed over the chain link fence in the backyard a couple of weeks ago and snagged his pants and was hanging upside down!