Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Micah Standard

Micah is most happy if he has some sort of sports ball in hand at all times. It could be a soccer ball, basketball, baseball (of the plastic sort), bouncy ball, etc. You name it, he either has it or WANTS it! And everything round to him is a ball. This past weekend, my parents got the boys a t-ball set. They love it and have enjoyed it immensely, especially Micah! He can spend what seems like an eternity hitting the ball and then putting it back on the tee. Here he is with a play golf club and some plastic balls that he held onto for much of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! Your parents are mighty brave letting him have a golf club inside the house!
What fun!

KC said...

Brave indeed! It eventually had to be put away until we went outside. As such things go, it always starts out nice and calm and eventually escalates! :)

Momma said...

Sweet Pea is the same way!! when we get together we have to make sure to bring lots of balls to keep fights at bay! lol