Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Couch Cushions

Pulling the cushions off of the couch and then hiding in them and jumping on them has become one of the boys favorite indoor games. On this particular day, Joshua was taking one of his rare naps and Micah took full advantage of playing in the cushions by himself. :)


Anonymous said...

Now THAT brings back lots of good memories!
(When you replace that couch, don't put it out at the curb to be hauled off by the garbage men. Have Neil haul it off to the dump when the boys are not home. Otherwise, they'll end up on a PSYCHIATRIST'S couch!!!) :p

KC said...

When the couch wears out, we'll keep it and pass it down to one of the boys!! :) HA HA!

Sarah said...

I love the pictures, but Micah looks so big!