Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Bike

While Grammy and Papa were here, Joshua had the fun privilege of going to pick out a new bike with them! Here is what he chose! He's doing a great job on it, but it will take some practice and bigger muscles to ride it like he was riding his smaller bike. I'm proud of him. He could still ride his small bike, but he chooses the new one, even though it takes more effort at this point to ride it. He is so excited about his new big bike. And, as a bonus, Micah will get to start learning how to ride on his brother's old bike. He's got an inch to grow, though, before he'll really be able to start riding. His feet barely reach the pedals! :)


Anonymous said...

Michele reminded me we used to attach wooden blocks on our pedals if our feet couldn't reach 'em when we were kids. (in another century)

KC said...

Good idea! We might try that! :)