Sunday, March 7, 2010

Speaking of Insulation

I mentioned in my last blog about blowing in insulation last weekend. Here is a hole in the ceiling that resulted from that. Neil stepped on a board, which he thought was plywood but turned out to be particle board. He ended up falling through, which was a big bummer. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, the hole is in the garage, and is easily fixable! Also, the boys played on the big bags of insulation during our breaks. They moved them around, built forts, and made a 'track' that they had races on. We used a type of insulation called GreenFiber which is made of 85% recycled paper fibers. I think that's pretty cool. In the pictures of the boys and I, we're sitting on the mound of insulation. There was so much of it that Neil had to rent a truck to bring it all home. Good times. :)


Anonymous said...

Micah's losing his baby look! :(
I'm glad Neil didn't get hurt. That looks nasty.
I think the boys had the right idea- Let's play while the sun shines!

Anonymous said...

Next time you can borrow our truck!

Learning 4 Life said...

That sounds like what happens when we do home improvements!!! Joel is doing one right now as I type and I can hear him sighing...not a good sign! I'm glad Neil is ok. We miss you :-)