Saturday, March 13, 2010

They bring a smile to my face!!

These boys crack me up. One day, a couple of weeks ago, Joshua got dressed and came out like this...sweater, shorts, backpack, hat, and flip flops. It was cold outside, by the way. :) He was getting ready to go somewhere, but only he knows where. Micah was being cozy with his blanket. He certainly loves his blanket, and we'll be in deep trouble if we ever loose it. He has a blue and white stuffed TY puppy that he also absolutely loves (not pictured). Last weekend after Joshua's party, it disappeared. We searched high and low for it. In fact, I was about to email everyone who came to the party to see if they had perhaps seen it. I found it Thursday afternoon in a seldom opened kitchen cabinet. Micah was probably playing some game with it and decided to stick it there. Funny boy.

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Learning 4 Life said...

Lily still likes her blankie, too. She doesn't have it all the time, but it's still special. I know what you mean about losing those things... it's not fun for the kiddos or the parents!!!