Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Book Club

We meet monthly with a group of families that also homeschool. This past month, the boys and I hosted a "100" book club to celebrate 100 days of school. Usually at book club, we would read a book during the course of the month, and then come together to recap and learn from it. This time, though, we chose to celebrate the work our kids have done over the course of the year. We learned about what was going on in the world 100 years ago. We collected 100 (+) cans of soup for a local shelter. We did 10 sets of 10 exercises and then were still and quiet for 100 seconds. The kids strung 100 fruit loops to make necklaces and much more. The kids had to sort and count the cans themselves. And I challenged them to check my counting with the bags of fruit loops. It was interesting to watch them thinking through the processes of both. It was a fun day for my boys and I. And I think that everyone else enjoyed it as well. The boys were very helpful in preparing for the event. They helped count out several baggies filled with the fruit loops, they helped make signs and blow up balloons, and much more. Regardless of the future and what route we decide to take with schooling, I'm proud of the work both of my boys have put in this year!

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