Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joshua is 6 years old!

Happy Birthday to Joshua! My big guy turned 6 on Friday. We started the day with Muscle Stackers (a protein pancake with cottage cheese of all things), per the request of the Birthday Boy! Then we headed off to book club with some homeschool friends. The theme was 100 days of school and we had a blast and did some really fun things to celebrate. That evening, we headed to The Twisted Root for dinner, which was where Joshua wanted to go. Afterwards, we let the boys both pick out a mini treat from the bakery at Whole Foods so that we would have a sweet birthday treat. (I don't do cake two days in a row, and he had the birthday cake of his choice the following day :) Joshua picked out a mini cupcake and Micah picked out a brownie bite! We were able to celebrate on skype with Grammy and Papa and then Joshua opened his presents. More on the presents later. But I did want to mention that we measured him and he grew about 3 inches this year, and he cleared the 4 foot mark! I can hardly believe it!


Anonymous said...

Three good looking fellas, one yummy cupcake and one long, tall Texan!
(that's 1/4 inch per month!)

Martha said...

Happy birthday, Joshua! Can't believe you are so big. We love all the birthday ideas. Very cute. Miss you.