Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun Day Friday

The boys and I had a fun day yesterday! We headed to the park first thing in the morning to meet some friends and go "exploring". One of the kids brought a home made fishing pole, so most of the time was spent trying to catch fish! :) My friend had brought bread for the ducks, but most of it ended up being bait for fish and food for Micah! (Don't worry, the bread wasn't moldy!)
Here are the kids looking for fish and turtles!
Here they are going fishing and in Micah's case, eating bread! I promise, I fed him breakfast before we left to go to the park. But by the way he ate while at the park, you wouldn't have believed it!

Here's Micah showing off his stack of bread! I'm fairly certain that most of that went into his belly. :) Good times!

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