Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beautiful Trees

Here is what the second part of our hike looked like (see last post).  These are redwoods, though not nearly as big as the ones I hope to see in the near future!!  The smell of the forest was invigorating!  The last third of the hike was all uphill, on switchbacks and steep trails.  It didn't seem to phase the boys!  They had a great time, and M-man only struggled at the end when he had a blister on his heel. It turns out, we were also able to hike in Muir Woods.  Part of this trail went into the Muir Woods National Monument, though we didn't get to see the Cathedral Grove or the Bohemian Grove.  We'll have to save that adventure for another day!

Here's one last parting shot from Muir Woods!

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