Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Tuesday Review: Moving Mountains

     Life has a funny way of bringing unexpected gifts.  Moving Mountains was one of those completely unexpected gifts--one that met me right where I was and came at the perfect moment.  I had intended to highlight another book this week, which I'm sure that I will come back to another week. But for the moment I'm going to lean into the unexpected and share this life changing book with you.  (To say that it 'fell' into my Amazon cart and was accidentally ordered and shipped to my door wouldn't be far from the truth!)

     What do you do when you want to get better at something? You practice, right? Well, what if you need to learn a whole new way of practicing? Then what?  I would propose that you find a teacher or mentor who can show you a different way. When it comes to prayer, and becoming more effective at prayer, I have finally came to a point where I recognize the need to be shown a completely different way of interceding on behalf of others.  I want to pray with more CONFIDENCE, with more POWER, and with more AWARENESS.

     Moving Mountains by John Eldredge has been the perfect book to open my eyes to the possibilities available when it comes to prayer.  If YOU are ready to be a more effective prayer warrior, than READ THIS BOOK.  And, after you read it, come back over here and share your takeaways! I would love to know what you learned!

Blessings ~ Kendra

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