Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heavy Reading

I have to share a couple of funny moments about Micah. He loves books as much or more than Joshua did at this age. In the picture above, he had become attached to a book of Neil's, Ender's Game, which is pretty heavy reading. There was something fascinating about that book and he would carry it around all day long, looking for fun places to put his feet up and "read". :)
The other picture is of a more common occurrence, of Micah piling books into his rocking chair and then wanting me to put him up there so that he can look at his books. This is where we read him his bed time books, as we did with Joshua. It is a very special rocking chair, given to us by some good friends who were in our wedding. He can now climb into the chair by himself, which is fun for him! I just have to pay extra attention, that he doesn't decide to stand up and leap out! :)


Anonymous said...

woo hoo! That's my boy!

Ava's Adventures said...

yay! Good for him!