Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking Ground

All of a sudden, it's time for the garden. A week ago we had snow. Now we have 80 degree weather.'s time to finish the garden prep and plant. Here is Joshua helping to break up the ground. He's been helping to break up the grass clods and get them out of the garden area. He's also been digging for dinosaur bones. :) One of these days, he might actually find some! This picture was taken over a week ago. There is now a really big hole in one corner that is his favorite "dig" spot. Micah enjoys hunting for worms, of which there are plenty! This is our first official garden experience. We inherited a garden with the house we had bought in AR a few years ago, but it was already planted and growing well. This should be fun and interesting! I've been researching what grows well in our county, as we have funky dirt! Also, I'm praying that we can keep the rabbits out and that we don't have an infestation of grasshoppers! If you have any tips or advice, please send them my way!!


Alexandra said...

how fun! no advice but I have heard good things about the book Squarefoot Gardening.

Anonymous said...

Gardens "produce" good stuff! (doesn't look big enough to feed growing, hungry boys) ;)
Joshua looks like he's 8 instead of 5!
You are making good memories with the boys. It's nice to have them recorded on this blog.