Friday, April 23, 2010

Update on the Garden

We finally got our garden planted this past week. On Saturday some friends who have a truck helped us to get a load of dirt. Then on Sunday, in the middle of a cold and drizzling rain, Neil put up a fence of sorts to keep out the rabbits and the dog. ;) We decided to wait until it warmed up again to plant, which ended up being on Tuesday. Both boys were very helpful and dug holes and planted seeds and plants. We planted squash, cucumber, carrots, and a handful of herbs from seed. We also put in a few started plants...tomato, jalapeno, bell pepper, basil, rosemary, and cantaloupe. I hope that God will bless our little garden, despite the fact that we are novices and have much to learn!
p.s. Micah had just woken up from his nap when I took this picture. Can you tell??

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