Thursday, May 31, 2012

On the Jeep Trail

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted.  We were out of state for more than a week visiting family and friends. More on that later. Let me tell you about Monday! We explored a jeep trail about an hour from our house and had a blast! This is the view from one part of the trail. We followed a stream for a bit, which eventually got bigger, and then flowed into a river, which we found out later was the North Fork of the American River.
Here we are crossing over a very cool suspension bridge over the American River. We parked on the other side and went down to the river's edge.  There were so many people at this spot that it was hard to find a parking spot.  The water was moving quickly and was very cold!  The boys could have stayed and played for a long time.  We let them poke around a bit and then headed on up the trail. 

Here are the boys, with the river and the suspension bridge that we had just crossed in the background.  There were several people swimming and sunbathing by the river.  And down stream we saw several kayaks on the water.  Popular place! 
Here is a great pic of my guys and Rox the dog!  She tried to go swimming.  It was hilarious to watch, as she was very confused by the current. :) 

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