Thursday, May 10, 2012

Success (with Bread)!

I finally did it!  I managed to make a decent loaf of bread!  For those of you who mastered this skill long ago, bear with me. :)  I've been on a journey lately to try and master this skill for myself. After trying several recipes for 100% whole wheat bread, with just the most basic ingredients, I finally stumbled upon one that I like.  Now, the official taste-tester (my husband) hasn't tried it yet.  He has to approve before I make another attempt.  Then, the challenge will be to repeat what I made the first time. After I've made a few loaves successfully, I hope to experiment with adding in other grains (in small amounts, of course), until I arrive at the perfect loaf...if there is such a thing. :)


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful loaf of bread! Wow!

lovebirdnerds said...

I haven't been making bread much lately but I think it is because my results were always so inconsistent that I decided it wasn't worth the effort. I can make a good loaf of Italian bread, but the whole wheat has proved much harder. I have a grain mill and use freshly ground wheat and often mix it with white flour to help the bread rise but I still get mixed results. I hope it goes better for you! I guess it has been long enough that I should give it a try again. :)