Friday, June 22, 2012

At the Nature Center

Today, the boys and I headed to a local nature center.  It's in our county, but it's not exactly close by.  It was about 45 minutes from our house.  It was small, but friendly, and had some neat exhibits.  The boys really enjoyed the frog pond that currently has some nice-sized tadpoles swimming around in it.  We went for a hike...they climbed rocks, raced up hills, and chased lizards.  Afterwards, we went to a regional park for a picnic lunch.  The boys had a blast running and playing!  The best part about the whole day was that a cold front had moved through last night.  It was 70 degrees at noon with a nice cool breeze.  After being near 100 for a few days, this weather has been a literal breath of fresh air.  We were longing to have another adventure, and this was the perfect one!

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