Friday, June 29, 2012

Trails and Goats

The Pacific Coast was so beautiful, and interesting, that I can't help but post more about our time there a couple of weeks ago! Here is one last shot of the coastline, looking south towards Point Reyes National Seashore.  Amazing!

 On the way down the trail, our friends were telling us that they have at times seen people walking their goats (yes...GOATS) down on the beach, just like we would walk our dog. Hilarious! Well, what do you think we saw at day on the beach??? Someone walking their GOATS. Not just one, but two! Here is a pic of one of them.  They were large goats...taller than my boys.  Talk about seeing the unexpected!

On our way back up the trail to our cars, I couldn't help but snap a couple of shots of the trail.  These pictures do not do even begin to show off the beauty of what surrounded us.  I was super proud of the boys on the hike back up.  They hardly complained, though they were clearly tired after all of their explorations at the beach! 

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