Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Musings on Life With Boys

As a mom of boys, every day brings new challenges, as well as moments that just make me laugh.  Just the other day, Big J did something that had me laughing the rest of the evening.  I had just gotten the boys new toothbrushes at the store.  They insist on getting these light-up ones that blink for the minute that they are supposed to be brushing.  I like the blinking feature, as it means one less thing that I have to get onto them about.  Now, their favorite toothbrush comes with a suction cup on the end.  In the eyes of a boy, this is the most awesome feature ever.  I've found the toothbrushes stuck to the mirror, the bathtub, and as you can see, the back of the door.  The funny (and maybe a little bit devious) thing about this is that for starters, this was his brother's toothbrush, and secondly, it was on the BACK of the door, which means no one could find it. I happened upon it by chance. :)  It makes me wonder what kinds of things I can expect in the future!

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