Thursday, November 5, 2015

Expectations: Not so random thoughts about the day

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself!  Especially when I catch myself in the middle of having unreasonable expectations of myself.  Tonight, I am hosting a Noonday Collection Trunkshow, which I am super excited about!  (I don't purchase jewelry and accessories often, but when do, I want it to be from a company that cares about those that it works with and supports them with a more than fair compensation for their product!)  Oops...back to the topic at hand.

Anyway, in preparation and anticipation of having friends in my home this evening, I had put crazy ridiculous expectations on myself.  Let me just spell it out for you.  I wanted to have my kitchen painted, completely finished and decorated, complete with new light fixture, pictures framed on the shelf, and my wall finished with our school map framed, a new white board up, some fun family photos framed, and the magnetic display board up.  Hello??!!  What was I thinking??  The painting did get done. And the map is on the wall.  But that is IT.  Oh, and it doesn't stop there.  I wanted to have a new mirror up on our mantle, photos updated in the family photo frames, and a coat rack up in the hallway. Of those things, the coat rack is the only thing that was accomplished, with the help of my awesome husband! (Thanks, Babe!)

Why do I do this to myself? Why do WE do this to OURSELVES? Why do we set ourselves up to be disappointed in ourselves?  And possibly make others around us miserable in the process??? Why do we think that things have to be perfect?  What really matters through all of this?  People.  Relationship. And for me personally, having a home that is welcoming and genuinely full of love!  That said, my home will be relatively clean, but it will not be perfect.  I will not have done all that I had hoped to do.  And that is honestly OK with me!

I hope you have a GREAT day and that you will be loving and accepting of who YOU are at this very moment!

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