Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's On The Book "Roll"

     I was in Dallas this past weekend for a Rodan + Fields Training Event!  While I was there, I had the privilege and blessing to catch up with some good friends, host an event of my own, and visit The Branch, our church when we lived in Texas.  I also stopped by my all-time favorite bookstore, Half Price Books.  There is not much better than hunting for a good book or two, and finding unexpected treasures while on the hunt!  

     Love Is The Killer App was a surprise find for me! I haven't finished it yet, but it resonates with the type of leadership style I hope to emulate, which is leading through love and compassion.  We can give of ourselves, encourage others, help others achieve their goals, AND reach our own goals! 

     Another surprise read was actually a gift from my good friend, Anna L. Davis! I've had a hard time putting down Open Source, her NEW sci-fi cyber thriller!  Wow!  It's intense, but good!  It's been awhile since I've read a good science fiction book. What a perfect opportunity to dive back into this genre of literature!  Well done, Anna!

     That brings us to The Book of Virtues.  I know that I've mentioned it before, but it is such a classic book! In our homeschool journey, I seem to come back around to it and learn something new from the stories and poems shared within it's pages.  If this book is not on your bookshelf at home, it needs to be! Get it today!

     There are other books that I'm in the middle of--in fact, I'm notorious for being in the middle of several books at once--but I just can't help myself.  I love literature!!  There is such power in the written word.  My hope is that you will pick up a good book today, and be blessed and challenged by it! 

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