Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost 30...

I usually post about the boys, but today I have been pondering the fact that I will soon be 30 years old. Several of my friends have given me a hard time about it, but I've definitely decided to embrace this next chapter in my life. Questions flood my mind...Am I where I want to be in life? What goals do I have for the next few years of life? There are too many to write about...but I am excited about the future. One thing I can definitely do is be thankful. I am thankful for my husband, for my boys, for my parents, my husband's parents, for our siblings and their families, good friends, and the list goes on! What are the most important things in life? The people that we are surrounded by, whether they are family, friends, or someone we have yet to meet...besides God and our relationship with him, the people in our lives are by far the most important!

Here is a pic of my guys on Christmas Eve...watching Sesame street and eating special snacks...for their Grammy and Mom!! Micah can pack away the popcorn! Both boys were so cute to watch. :) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Kendra, I guess I'm in the same boat you are, almost turning 30. Though being a mother has been wonderful, somehow I feel I don't feel as goal oriented as before I had Stephen. My mom tells me its normal, I'm not sure... Regardless, I'm looking forward to this new year and being 30. They say that now days, being 30 is the new 20, who knows if its true or not... I sure don't feel like I'm 30 but neither do I feel like I'm 20!
Happy New Year, give the boys my love,
Evelyn Jackson

Momma said...

I am glad you are embracing turning 30! I have never understood people's aversion to getting a little bit older. According to my parent's life only got better as they got older. Who wouldn't want that?! when is your actual birthday?