Monday, December 8, 2008

Orange Juice!

The boys and I were sitting at breakfast this morning, the boys drinking their juice and me drinking my coffee (of course)! Neil was sitting in the big chair close by. I turned to hand Micah his juice, and as plain as day, he said "orange juice"! It took all of us by surprise, even Joshua. As we congratulated Micah on his new word, orange, he just sat there feeling very proud of himself. What a fun little moment! And one of the best parts about the whole thing for me was that Joshua enjoyed it and was excited for his brother. :)


Anonymous said...

Those two are going to have great fun together!
And yes, it does a parent's heart good and warm and fuzzy when their kids enjoy each others company... especially after they're grown and have gone their separate ways.

Momma said...

how sweet!

Ava's Adventures said...

aww! That is fun. I can't wait.