Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The reason we celebrate!

Tonight, as I was getting Joshua ready for bed, we talked about Jesus and how He is the reason that we celebrate Christmas. I can't tell you what started the conversation, but I can tell you that Joshua was very interested in what we were talking about. We do advent readings together most mornings, and then we have a corresponding ornament that represents the story that we read about that goes on a little christmas tree. Every story, even though we are working through the old testament, obviously leads right back to Jesus. It is so exciting to be sharing this with Joshua and to observe him beginning to understand that there is so much more to this man called Jesus than just a few songs and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Posts like this are one of the reasons I celebrate!

Ron said...

Hmmm...I typed my name in but it came up Anonymous...anyway, that was me... Ron

Ava's Adventures said...

that is neat - are the ornaments in a set for an advent, or how is it that you have a new ornament that goes with every story? Or did you go and buy ornaments to go with the different stories?