Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cabin Fever Days...

It has been cold here (we may have gotten over 20 today-that's cold to me), so the boys and I haven't gotten out much the past couple of days. I think we have a bit of cabin fever going on. I've been busy baking goodies for Neil's customers and the boys are going crazy. Fun times! :) Actually, the boys have been great, all things considered. And I scaled down my baking this year, so that it wouldn't be stressful. On the menu are sugar cookies with frosting (of course), chocolate peanut butter fudge with peanut butter glaze, and a new recipe, Cranberry-Almond Bark. They've all turned out well, and I have one more batch (times 3) of cookies to make and I'll be done for the moment! Yeah!

For those looking for pics/videos of the boys...hang in there. I have several to download, but have not had the chance! So, check back soon! Have a great evening!

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Momma said...

we are suffering the same thing!! ice/snow flurries make it hard to really get out. lol.