Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Morning Hike

We went to a local nature museum this morning. It was cooler and cloudy, a perfect day to go hiking. We said hi to the wallaroos and to a new baby ringtail lemur (you can barely make out the baby in the above picture). Then we went hiking on one of our favorite trails, the Hoot Owl trail. It's long enough that it feels like a real hike, and short enough that if I end up having to carry Micah for a portion of it, it won't kill me. :) The pictures of the boys were taken at a lookout spot where you can listen and observe several different species of birds. The plaques that the boys are looking at have pictures of several birds, as well as descriptions of what sounds they make.
About half way down the trail, it started pouring down rain. We made it to a little covered cabin, stayed there for a bit, and then decided to run for it. We made it back to the main building just as the heavens opened up and it really started to rain. I didn't really want to try to get to the car, as the car was parked a good distance from the museum. But there were also several school groups trying to stay dry inside as well. We ended up buying some popcorn and hanging out until the rain let up. The boys had a great time, as did I! After we left, we headed to Chick-fil-a for a milkshake and play. It wasn't our typical day, but it was fun to do some things that we wouldn't normally do!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love to see the world through their eyes? Watching their minds working and growing and of course the memories that ya'll will have.
It's so cool that you can save a bit of the everyday on a blog. So much is lost that goes unrecorded. Wish there'd been blogs when my boys were growing up.
You are a good mom.
I love you- Alison

Learning 4 Life said...

I love those atypical days! That will be a very special memory for them :-)