Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Stats Are In...

Today, the boys wanted to be weighed and measured. So, we got out the scale and the measuring stick. I was astounded as to how much the boys had grown since their birthdays. We keep track of their height on a 'birthday board'.

Joshua is 46 1/2 inches tall and weighs 50 lbs. Compare this with the fact that he was 45 1/2 inches tall on his birthday 3 months ago. He's grown a whole inch. Wow!

Now for more WOW! Micah is 38 inches tall and weighs 32 lbs. Since his birthday last September, he has grown 3 whole inches. I checked the birthday board twice and measured both it and him twice to make sure. But, plain as day, he was 35 inches tall on his birthday, and he is definitely 38 inches now. These boys are going to be grown up before I know it!

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