Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This and That

This week has gone by quickly. I wanted to write a few things down before I forgot.

Yesterday, we went hiking at a trail outside of town. There are blackberry bushes, a low lying ground cover variety, that we have been keeping our eyes on. Some of them were ripe. So, we all picked and ate as many berries as we could. Joshua is still a master blackberry picker, just like he was when he was 1 and we had the house with the blackberry patch out back. The cutest thing was to watch Micah holding the juiciest blackberries in his hand, almost squishing them, because he wanted to wait to eat them. :)

Today, the boys and I went to a local park to play. We ended up tromping around one of the small lakes/big ponds in search of water turtles. Joshua was on the hunt. All of a sudden he jumped down on his knees, reached his hand into a clump of algae and pulled out a little turtle. I was very impressed! After a bit, Micah started asking to hold the turtle. Joshua let him hold it and then immediately caught another turtle. We eventually let them go and then headed home. It is so fun to watch Joshua...he has that knack for catching things just like his daddy does. ;)

On a different note, Micah told me today that I'm his 'best girl'. I hope I stay that way for a very long time...at least 20 more years! :)


Alexandra said...

what great memories!! and you have some very brave boys wanting to catch turtles :)

Learning 4 Life said...

I love that he said you are his "best girl". That melts my heart :-)

Anonymous said...

At first glance I was disappointed there were no pictures,BUT that was the most precious posts. Such sweet boys.
We are so blest.
Love you,