Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Rod Harry

Note: I did finally get video of Joshua riding his bike on the dirt course. But, I have not uploaded it yet. Hopefully, soon...

Joshua got some books in the mail from his Grammy. They are Rookie Readers and both boys really enjoy them. As we go down the path of learning to read, hopefully they will be helpful. One of them is called, 'Hot Rod Harry', and is about a boy going very fast on his bike! It is perfect for Joshua...he's claimed it as his favorite! What a boy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You probably wouldn't believe it...

...unless you saw it. And unfortunately, I forgot the video camera. But, Joshua took his bike riding on a dirt bike course! There is a very cool park here that has a skate park, dirt bike course and more. Joshua had the course all to himself (which was about the only way he was going to get to ride). And he had a blast! There were a couple of steep hills that he had a hard time getting up, but eventually got it! What an amazing boy! We'll try to get it on video next time!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Afternoons

We're finally getting a break from the extremely hot weather. It's been in the low 90's with some rain here and there for the past few days. During the long stretch of heat, though, we struggled to make it through never-ending afternoons indoors. On a couple of different days, we put up the zebra tent for the boys to play in. Here they are in the tent and then being silly as I was trying to "capture the moment". Ha! Ever since then, Micah has been obsessed with tents and either wants to put this one up, or make a fort out of blankets. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Both boys love to get out and try new sports. Micah seems to have an especially strong pull to anything sports. Here he is trying his hand at t-ball!

New to us!

Gotta love garage sales! Thanks to the phone call of a friend out shopping garage sales, we were able to get this "new to us" castle/play house! Very fun! It has a slide, look out tower, and even a secret trap door! I think that the boys are really going to enjoy it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I made muffins last night to be served at a gathering of friends today. They were baking just as the boys were going to bed. I covered them and put them on the kitchen table. At some point during the night, Ziva woke up barking, so Neil had to get up and take her out. Apparently, they weren't the only ones up. Micah was also up, chowing down on muffins at the kitchen table. Hilarious! What am I going to do with my independent boys (and the fact that Micah was so sneaky and quiet)??? Any ideas? :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Geckos and other things...

We were out working in the yard tonight and Neil caught a little gecko. He gave it to Joshua to put in his outdoor critter cage. Micah was on Joshua's tail the whole time, wanting to see the gecko and trying to figure out how to say 'gecko'. As Joshua was playing with the gecko, it got away. Micah spent the next half hour asking all of us where the gecko was. His vocabulary has been expanding rapidly during the past couple of weeks. Now he has a fun new word to add!

We were tucking the boys in to bed tonight. Neil was leaving the room and had said good night to the boys. Micah, who was all tucked up into his blankets, replied back, "Night, Da". What a sweet moment. And yes, Micah calls Neil 'Da'(with a long a) instead of Dad. :)

Ziva is growing and seems to be all legs right now. Many thanks to Aunt Emily for the yogurt cup suggestion. An almost empty yogurt cup keeps Ziva occupied for a LONG time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


What fun boys! These were taken during an impromptu photo session with the boys and Ziva. They absolutely make me I had to post them. I'm sure that the Grandparents will approve. :) I've been horrible about blogging lately. Having the new puppy has messed up my routine a bit. But, we're adjusting!

Introducing Ziva!

We have a new pup at home! We've had her for almost two weeks now and I must say, she is a pretty good puppy. She's sweet and feisty, which is a good combination most of the time. And the boys are really doing well with her...or is the other way around...she's doing really well with the boys. :) The top four pics were taken this evening. The bottom pic was taken last week. She's already grown alot since then. Adventures await!

The Frog has an audience

The other day, I came into the boys room to find Micah lining up his stuffed animals. He had them all peering into the frog tank watching Mr. Pacman Frog. So cute!! He was very proud of himself. By the way, he is standing up on his stool. :) Also, I did not help him or provide the idea. :) It was all him!