Saturday, August 13, 2011

All he wants is his two front teeth...

Awhile back, I had mentioned the tooth fairy, and how much trouble we'd had! In all of the excitement, and with my camera acting up, I never got a good picture of Joshua with his two front teeth missing. Here is an attempt to capture this fun stage! The two new teeth are growing in fast, so I had to take this picture yesterday! He informed us yesterday that he has several other teeth loose. I hope these teeth come in quick, or he's going to have a tough time eating!

Fun Day Friday continued...

The boys and I had gone to Target on Friday to return something. Now, I usually avoid Target because I can never seem to get out of that store with only one thing! When we do go, the boys always ask to go look at the Lego's. So, after we finished what we needed to, we headed over to the Lego section so that the boys could drool and dream over Star Wars Legos! While they were looking at the Lego's, I couldn't help but check out the puzzles. I wasn't expecting to find a very cool, and very reasonably priced, Star Wars puzzle. It's actually 3 puzzles in 1, and the 3 puzzles use 3 different sizes of pieces. All that said, I did make it out of the store with only 1 item! :) Micah was able to help quite a bit with the 48 pc. set. And Joshua was able to do the other two, a 63 pc. and a 100 pc. And then, we it was all done, they put the puzzles together to get this (see pic)! Fun stuff!

Fun Day Friday

The boys and I had a fun day yesterday! We headed to the park first thing in the morning to meet some friends and go "exploring". One of the kids brought a home made fishing pole, so most of the time was spent trying to catch fish! :) My friend had brought bread for the ducks, but most of it ended up being bait for fish and food for Micah! (Don't worry, the bread wasn't moldy!)
Here are the kids looking for fish and turtles!
Here they are going fishing and in Micah's case, eating bread! I promise, I fed him breakfast before we left to go to the park. But by the way he ate while at the park, you wouldn't have believed it!

Here's Micah showing off his stack of bread! I'm fairly certain that most of that went into his belly. :) Good times!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Alien

I couldn't resist posting this pic of Big J! The boys had received these head bobble things at VBS - it went along with the theme that we are aliens and not of this world. I came in one morning and he had ALL of them on his head! Hilarious!