Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Book Club

We meet monthly with a group of families that also homeschool. This past month, the boys and I hosted a "100" book club to celebrate 100 days of school. Usually at book club, we would read a book during the course of the month, and then come together to recap and learn from it. This time, though, we chose to celebrate the work our kids have done over the course of the year. We learned about what was going on in the world 100 years ago. We collected 100 (+) cans of soup for a local shelter. We did 10 sets of 10 exercises and then were still and quiet for 100 seconds. The kids strung 100 fruit loops to make necklaces and much more. The kids had to sort and count the cans themselves. And I challenged them to check my counting with the bags of fruit loops. It was interesting to watch them thinking through the processes of both. It was a fun day for my boys and I. And I think that everyone else enjoyed it as well. The boys were very helpful in preparing for the event. They helped count out several baggies filled with the fruit loops, they helped make signs and blow up balloons, and much more. Regardless of the future and what route we decide to take with schooling, I'm proud of the work both of my boys have put in this year!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final Shots

I could post more, but I'll end with these two final shots from Joshua's big day. Joshua was pumped about the loot he got from the piñata. And Micah was tired and sat watching Joshua build his multitude of Lego sets. :) I love these boys so much!!

Blowing out Candles and Building with Legos!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attacking the Piñata

I can't believe another week has passed, again, since my last post. Time is moving at lightning speed these days. Blogger was acting up earlier today while I was trying to do the b-day posts. Here are two pics that made it and more will follow soon. The boys, and everyone else, had a blast trying to bust open the piñata!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More party prep from last week!

Has it really been a week since I last posted??? Well, here is Micah getting ready for the Lego Party two weekends ago. And here is my attempt at a Lego cake. It turned out okay. Not that I will probably be doing another Lego cake anytime soon, but I learned quite a bit while doing it. :)
The final b-day pics are coming soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joshua is 6 years old!

Happy Birthday to Joshua! My big guy turned 6 on Friday. We started the day with Muscle Stackers (a protein pancake with cottage cheese of all things), per the request of the Birthday Boy! Then we headed off to book club with some homeschool friends. The theme was 100 days of school and we had a blast and did some really fun things to celebrate. That evening, we headed to The Twisted Root for dinner, which was where Joshua wanted to go. Afterwards, we let the boys both pick out a mini treat from the bakery at Whole Foods so that we would have a sweet birthday treat. (I don't do cake two days in a row, and he had the birthday cake of his choice the following day :) Joshua picked out a mini cupcake and Micah picked out a brownie bite! We were able to celebrate on skype with Grammy and Papa and then Joshua opened his presents. More on the presents later. But I did want to mention that we measured him and he grew about 3 inches this year, and he cleared the 4 foot mark! I can hardly believe it!

The Lego Piñata

Joshua wanted to have a Lego party for his 6th birthday. So, we embarked on a journey to create a Lego Piñata and a Lego cake. I'll save the cake for another post. I researched several different ways of making a Lego piñata, and was pleased with the final product. I took a medium sized box and distressed it by putting holes in the sides (though in looking back, it wasn't enough and was harder to bust than I had originally thought it would be). I used red tissue paper, cut into strips, and the slits cut up one side of each strip, to make the "fuzzy" part. I used Elmer's glue to put on the first cover of red and also to glue on the top round pieces. Other than that, I used a glue stick! Joshua helped me with several sections. We stuffed it with candy through a secret door, which of course the boys loved. It was a blast at the party get the candy out. More about the party later...