Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Long and Short of It

I was working in the garden yesterday and mulling over life stuff, things like growing vegetables, raising boys, marriage, and home improvements. I got a good laugh out of myself...thinking about how I want long term results RIGHT NOW.  And how absurd that way of thinking is.  Our culture, for the most part, has lost the ability to think long-term on so many things.

Let's take my garden for example.  I want a good harvest from it.  I want zucchini, squash, tomatoes, peppers, melons, strawberries, herbs, pumpkins, beans, and much more!  But to think that I could have all of those things without all of the work...the weeding and fertilizing, keeping a watchful eye for bug infestations and other issues, and learning better gardening rather silly.  And short sighted.  Having a successful garden takes work.  Consistent work.  Daily work.  GOOD work.  And then, hopefully, barring some unforeseen circumstances (like the monsoon of rain we had yesterday), I will bring in a good harvest with which to bless my family and others with.

The same is true with my relationship with God, the raising of my boys, the nurturing and growth of my marriage, and the transformation of our new home. Every good thing that I can see worth pursing takes daily, consistent, sometimes HARD work.  I don't want to shirk from the those daily things that need to happen.  Instead,  I want to lean in to the hard stuff and find joy in the work, whatever that work may look like!

Side Note:  In an effort to be transparent, I wrote most of this yesterday, when I was feeling more up for the daily stuff.  Today, I'm struggling...and I don't want to lean in...but I'll try anyway. ;)